A Quick Life Update

This post will consist of brief bulleted answers to the questions everyone has been asking me lately, and in addition to that, I will ask one question per answer to my dear readers. Leave a comment below!

A1: I’ve moved! Earlier this week, as I was driving home from Bible study, I think my mind must have been on autopilot. I drove to my old place in West Berkeley and almost turned into the driveway before remembering, “Oh shoot, I don’t live here anymore!” I literally said that out loud, that’s how surprised I was. Now, I live in North Berkeley. The move made me realize just how much stuff I own; that’s not a humblebrag, though, because I know I definitely could stand to downsize. It was astounding how many bags I filled just with kitchen things.

Q1: How long do you have to live in a place before you begin to consider it “home”? What other factors play into this cognitive reframing? How many homes do you have?

A2: This past spring, I got my Master’s in Linguistics (or what counts as the equivalent of such), after spending many, many hours fine-tuning a paper on Californian English. And I will continue on this fall in the PhD program, which will take me three to four more years of study and research. The semester will begin again in the last week of August. I will not teach in the coming academic year, unfortunately. But that will leave me with plenty of time to devote to work.

Q2: Have you ever committed to anything for six years? Was it entirely your decision to do so?

A3: My summer has been both active and relaxing — I’ve taken several trips (Crater Lake, East Coast), gone camping (Yosemite), run a Spartan Race (see previous post), and more. But I still go into the office regularly to work: I am doing my own research on a topic in Korean sociophonetics. What does that look like? I spend large chunks of my day trying to debug some code that will help me analyze my data faster. It’s been 50% adventure in learning the programming language Python, and 50% headache.

Q3: How many ways to ask the cliched question, ‘How was your summer?’ *in a way that is actually interesting and mentally stimulating* can you think of?


Caught this lil’ feller at the gym the other day

A4: Why yes, yes, indeed I am. Team Mystic all the way.

Q4: Are you playing Pokémon Go?


Word of the Day: A canard is a rumor or fabricated story, a hoax. I found this interesting word in an article in reference to some celebrity gossip, but I was initially confused, because I didn’t read anything that had to do with ducks. Not even duck lips. The usage comes from an old French proverb, “to half-sell ducks” (vendre des canards à moitié), which meant to cheat or to fool a customer. Can you “hack” your Eevee to evolve it into the Eeveelution of your choice? Yes, go get that Vaporeon, Trainer! But did obsession with Pokémon Go cause a highway accident when a man stopped his car to catch a Pikachu? Nope, that’s a canard! And there are many more: enjoy!


About Andrew C.

I'm a grad student at UC Berkeley.
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