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Here is a small gem from class that I want to remember. This exchange took place during an introductory phonetics class in which I am a graduate TA. Professor X: Now, if you know the length of a person’s vocal … Continue reading

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Summer School

This summer, I’m teaching an undergraduate course called “Language and Sex”, and on the very first day, I had to give my students the disclaimer that we would not be talking about sex sex. Nope, this is a class about sex … Continue reading

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You Had Me at Helsinki

It has been about a week since I returned from my trip to Europe, during which I presented my research at two linguistics conferences. I wanted to write a short recap about the second of these conferences, but I had … Continue reading

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Just emailing

Hello Andrew, This is one of the Linguistics 100 students just emailing you to say thank you for the lecture today about sociolinguistics. This is one of the topics that I have always wanted to learn more about since I … Continue reading

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Two horizontal strokes, two vertical strokes, et voilà: the now-ubiquitous #. People may read that symbol as “number”, “pound sign”, “sharp”, or “octothorpe”, but if you are under 25 and have ever used a social medium, there’s a high chance … Continue reading

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A Taste of Teaching

Yesterday, at long last, I began what I’ve always wanted to do — arguably what I came to graduate school to do — to teach linguistics! The night before, I had one of those wild harbinger dreams wherein that thing you’ve … Continue reading

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