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Race in Linguistics (Who gets to study us? Part 1)

After any academic talk, such as a presentation given on one’s current research, there is time left for the audience to ask questions and offer feedback to the presenter. In our department’s regular colloquium series, for which big-name linguists come … Continue reading

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Multilingualism and Its Discontents

Greetings from Ireland! (The way they say it here, there is aspiration in the intervocalic /t/!) I’m at the University of Limerick for my first international conference, giving the first presentation of a research project that is entirely my own. … Continue reading

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Career Daze

A few weeks ago, I took a Friday morning off and drove to San Lorenzo to visit the high school where a friend of mine teaches. He had organized a miniature Career Day for his Seniors, because the school had … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

“Could I have your last name?” “Cheng. C-H-E-N-G.” “C-H-A-N-G?” “C-H-EEEEE-N-G.” I’m one of those people who have been conditioned to spell their name every single time it is asked for. And I consider myself lucky that it’s only my last … Continue reading

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This blog is a vehicle for procrastination

I’m doing it again: the item at the top of my to-do list is “WRITE QUALIFYING PAPER”. (If I don’t finish this paper by the deadline in three weeks, I will not get my Master’s degree on time.) The second … Continue reading

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Oodles of Poodles

I don’t know anything about historical linguistics, and the class I’m taking this semester is only slightly rectifying this sad state of affairs. I can only blame myself, though: I’m way behind on the readings. All the time I set … Continue reading

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Two horizontal strokes, two vertical strokes, et voilà: the now-ubiquitous #. People may read that symbol as “number”, “pound sign”, “sharp”, or “octothorpe”, but if you are under 25 and have ever used a social medium, there’s a high chance … Continue reading

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