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You Had Me at Helsinki

It has been about a week since I returned from my trip to Europe, during which I presented my research at two linguistics conferences. I wanted to write a short recap about the second of these conferences, but I had … Continue reading

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Multilingualism and Its Discontents

Greetings from Ireland! (The way they say it here, there is aspiration in the intervocalic /t/!) I’m at the University of Limerick for my first international conference, giving the first presentation of a research project that is entirely my own. … Continue reading

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Tick Tick Boom

My roommate sent me a Snapchat this morning: a somewhat grim selfie with soft natural lighting, captioned with a deadpan “My 20th first day of class.” Same. My first day of class was Monday, actually, because I am enrolled in … Continue reading

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Tropes versus Truth

A few weeks ago I sat down to have a chat with Professor C from the University of Michigan. He was visiting our department to give a colloquium talk, and, per the customs of academic visits, scheduled some time to … Continue reading

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Ivory Tower

“Don’t get thrown out of the ivory tower; you wanna be in there with Sauron.” My friend likes to write down funny things that one of his professors says in seminars, and this particular quote made me laugh out loud. … Continue reading

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