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On Slaves, Selma, and Sermons

Yesterday, I watched The Birth of a Nation (2016). Apart from being a beautiful, tragic, and inspirational must-see, it has gotten me thinking about Nat Turner, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the religious traditions that have both upheld and denounced … Continue reading

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Just Mercy

Every year, my university runs an extracurricular program for its incoming freshmen called On the Same Page that aims to give the entire class (all 5,500 matriculants) a common theme for their academic year, or at least something to talk … Continue reading

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Justice, Inaction

Last Sunday at church, my pastor finally decided to comment on national and international events, in light of not just the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and the backlash of killings of police officers in Dallas and Baton … Continue reading

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2014 Recapitulation

I have this idiosyncrasy in which, immediately upon watching any movie or TV show episode, I go to the Internet to peruse critics’ reviews and recaps for about an hour. I’m not too sure why I do this; it’s clearly unnecessary … Continue reading

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Weathering this Weather

Did you know that procrastinate literally means “to put off until tomorrow”? It is the only word that I can think of that uses the Latin root cras, which means “tomorrow”. What counts as procrastination? Doing anything besides the work one is … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year: classes end tomorrow, final projects are due soon, exams are nearly upon us. Stress is the name of the game now for all students, and I’m feeling it. But it’s not just my unwritten … Continue reading

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