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The past three years have been good to me as a graduate student. I’ve done everything by the book. I wrote my qualifying papers on time, passed my first round of oral exams “with flying colors”, got good teaching reviews. … Continue reading

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As I sat outside the examination room in nervous anticipation, I really felt like I was awaiting my sentence. Did I pass? I must have passed. They smiled at me. One of my professors had told me before the exam even … Continue reading

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Bells and Thistles

Today was the last official day of classes for the academic year. It hasn’t quite dawned on me yet that I’m (very nearly) finished with my first year of graduate school. This is due, naturally, to the fact that I still have … Continue reading

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Let’s face it: nobody enjoys taking exams. It feels good to be done with them, especially if you think you’ve done well, but the emotions we associate with this educational fundamental are typically dread, anxiety, or even panic. I’m taking an introductory … Continue reading

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