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¿Cómo estuvo LA?

Everyone has, naturally, been asking me, “How was LA?” I recently returned from five weeks of fieldwork for my dissertation project. Some linguists go to visit villages in the Amazon rainforest or savannahs in Western Africa to collect data. I … Continue reading

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I am old now and can no longer keep up with young folks’ slang. What does “low-key” mean to you? The other day, I was chatting with friend of mine who is a few years younger, and he said something … Continue reading

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Who What When Where Why Hello

“Paʔljɛ məntʃɔk məwəŋgɨkɔ?” The question above translates to, “What does paʔljɛ mean?” A clue to the answer is in the title: paʔljɛ, a word I am likely to be using more often from now on, means “how”. But it also means … Continue reading

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