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As I walked up the hill to class this morning, I heard shouting and clapping coming from the direction of Wheeler Hall. A small crowd of students had gathered on its steps, blocking most of the building’s entrances and waving hand-painted signs. … Continue reading

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Acronyms & Initialisms

Remember, remember the Vth of November! That “V” stands for 5. “V” also stands for Vendetta. Now, when one letter is used to represent a word for the sake of shortening it, we call that abbreviation1. The letter itself is called … Continue reading

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“It’s because you study linguistics.”

There are several things people like to assume about the linguists they know. I would like to debunk three of them. #1. Linguists can speak a lot of languages. This isn’t necessarily true. On my very first day of Introduction to Linguistics … Continue reading

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The English diminutive -ling comes from the Proto-Germanic nominal suffix -lingaz. It mostly attaches to nouns and makes them seem younger, smaller, or weaker, as in fledgling or underling. A gosling is a young goose. A starveling is a creature … Continue reading

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