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A Taste of Teaching

Yesterday, at long last, I began what I’ve always wanted to do — arguably what I came to graduate school to do — to teach linguistics! The night before, I had one of those wild harbinger dreams wherein that thing you’ve … Continue reading

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Who What When Where Why Hello

“Paʔljɛ məntʃɔk məwəŋgɨkɔ?” The question above translates to, “What does paʔljɛ mean?” A clue to the answer is in the title: paʔljɛ, a word I am likely to be using more often from now on, means “how”. But it also means … Continue reading

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Acronyms & Initialisms

Remember, remember the Vth of November! That “V” stands for 5. “V” also stands for Vendetta. Now, when one letter is used to represent a word for the sake of shortening it, we call that abbreviation1. The letter itself is called … Continue reading

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Let’s face it: nobody enjoys taking exams. It feels good to be done with them, especially if you think you’ve done well, but the emotions we associate with this educational fundamental are typically dread, anxiety, or even panic. I’m taking an introductory … Continue reading

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