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PhD Comics – Dante’s Inferno (Academic Edition)

Hat tip to Gorden for sending me this PhD Comic from last week. Dante’s Inferno tells the (largely invented?) story of the nine pits of hell, and it has been recreated by Jorge Cham just for graduate students! I believe that according … Continue reading

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Last night, I had a dream in which I was attending a wedding. It was unlike any wedding that I’ve ever been to because it was a gay couple that was being married. During the ceremony, the officiant said that … Continue reading

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I have just resurfaced from the depths of my old computer’s Photos folder, in which are stored thousands of memories from my time in South Korea. But among those countless images taken of hundreds of friends and colleagues, I could only … Continue reading

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Bells and Thistles

Today was the last official day of classes for the academic year. It hasn’t quite dawned on me yet that I’m (very nearly) finished with my first year of graduate school. This is due, naturally, to the fact that I still have … Continue reading

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