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The Word of Your Body

Who gets to be body positive? Asking for a friend. Actually, no, I’m asking for myself. A word of warning: this post is going to sound very self-centered, because I am going to talk about my own body for a … Continue reading

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On Slaves, Selma, and Sermons

Yesterday, I watched The Birth of a Nation (2016). Apart from being a beautiful, tragic, and inspirational must-see, it has gotten me thinking about Nat Turner, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the religious traditions that have both upheld and denounced … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

“Could I have your last name?” “Cheng. C-H-E-N-G.” “C-H-A-N-G?” “C-H-EEEEE-N-G.” I’m one of those people who have been conditioned to spell their name every single time it is asked for. And I consider myself lucky that it’s only my last … Continue reading

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Just Mercy

Every year, my university runs an extracurricular program for its incoming freshmen called On the Same Page that aims to give the entire class (all 5,500 matriculants) a common theme for their academic year, or at least something to talk … Continue reading

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Slow and steady gets 151st place

All I could really think about as I trudged uphill for the seventh mile, skidded down a dusty slope for the eighth, slipped into a muddy ditch for the dozenth time, was, “Just don’t stop moving. One step at a … Continue reading

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Fresh Off the Boat Review: So Chineez

“No matter what, we were never gonna leave our heritage behind,” says Voiceover Eddie as his family drives off to a country club, leaving Grandma behind. And so ended Season 1 of the groundbreaking ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, the … Continue reading

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Fresh Off the Boat Review: Phillip Goldstein

“Louis, I know you like to be good cop, but somebody has to wield the hammer in this family.” Jessica, saying it like it is, as always. I just find it hilarious that of all the things the bad cop can … Continue reading

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