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Bilingual Assumptions

Last week, I sent my dissertation committee the first draft of a chapter of my baby (aka my dissertation). Milestone passed! Well, actually, they have to approve it first, and then I’ll pass the milestone. And there’s no guarantee that … Continue reading

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Bless You

Tyler suspects that it is on account of my getting older that I am getting sick more often these days. This hypothesis may hold some water, especially given that other possible explanations, such as me being more stressed out lately or … Continue reading

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My command of Taiwanese (Hokkien) is not great. It was technically my first language, but my parents were already using English with my older brothers by the time I came around, so I grew up in a bilingual home. Then, I … Continue reading

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Road Trip

There is no Taiwanese word for “road trip.” Well, that’s not entirely accurate. But it did take my father a considerable amount of time to come up with a way to express, in his native language, the idea of traveling … Continue reading

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